Anna & Brant
Outdoor Charm at Chukkar Farm

When I first spoke to Anna & Brant about their wedding plans, they painted a picture of a beautiful outdoor scene with a relaxed atmosphere that was just a ton of fun.  When the big day came, it was clear that they couldn’t have done a better job of achieving that vision!

The rustic and casual Chukkar Farm Polo Club was decked out with colorful blooms in mason jars, an array of homemade cakes, a plentiful buffet and lots of charming DIY touches.  A friend of the couple even provided kegs of home-brewed beer for the guests to enjoy!  Everyone enjoyed a rockin’-good dance party with the band, and Anna and Brant had the laid-back, super-fun time with friends and family that they always wanted.

Anna’s thoughts on The Highballs:
“We were beyond impressed with The Highballs and their ability to transform our reception into one big party! The music was phenomenal and we were so grateful for the time they took to make our reception just perfect. They were so easy and delightful to work with and we are wishing we could throw another party so we could hire them again. They were truly the highlight of the reception and we still have friends raving about the music!”

Thanks to A.D. Photography for providing us with these wonderful shots from Anna & Brant’s day.

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